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Brian Leber in Telegraph UK Article About Burmese Rubies & Human Rights Abuses

I’m quoted in the Telegraph UK article “World Ruby Sales Bankroll Burma’s Regime.” “The issue has grown in importance in the last few years. The government has a majority share in all mines, collects licensing fees from all mine operators, runs the official gem auctions, and has an on-going military effort to control the border […]

French Newspaper Le Point Interviews Brian Leber on Burma

I’m now being quoted in French by Le Point (France) in an article entitled “Les Pierres Précieuses Tachées de Sang du Myanmar”: “Aujourd’hui, il n’y pas de quoi être fier de posséder une pierre birmane. Ce devrait être un objet de révulsion.”-Brian Leber (“For the time being, Burmese gems should not be something to be […]

My First Time on Chicago Public Radio’s Worldview

I’ve been interviewed on Chicago Public Radio’s Worldview program in a segment called “Ethical Jewelry.” I enjoyed doing this interview immensely. The host of the show, Jerome McDonnell, is incredibly well informed on a variety of subjects. Considering some of the people he’s interviewed over the years, I’m honored he asked to talk to me.

Working with Sen. Obama on Burmese Human Rights Abuses

Good news. As a follow-up to our meeting back in November, today in the US Senate, Illinois Senator Barack Obama introduced the following: Mr. President, I rise today to call attention to the heroic efforts of Dr. Cynthia Maung and her Mae Tao clinic to provide hope on the border of Thailand and Burma. Dr. […]

Traveling with an “Unsung Hero of Compassion”: Dr. Cynthia Maung of Burma

I had a very busy day in Washington DC. I’m glad to be catching my flight home shortly. A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend an award ceremony in California. The Dalai Lama was presenting Dr. Cynthia Maung with the Unsung Heroes of Compassion Award. While it would have been an incredible opportunity […]

The Battle for a Ban on Burmese Gems Begins

I’ve been quoted by the jewelry industry trade publication National Jeweler in an article entitled “But Some Speculate That ‘Conflict Rubies’ Are Only a Matter of Time.” During the interview, I tried to raise awareness of the amount of funding the military junta in Burma receives from the sale of gemstones and that a huge […]