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Eleanor in Blue

Earthwise Jewelry® Eleanor blue sapphire ring

We create numerous variations on our Eleanor engagement ring making it suitable for rounds, ovals, cushions, princess, and emerald cuts. But somehow, adding color just makes this ring extra special. Our Eleanor, set with a blue sapphire center surrounded by Canadian diamonds, is one example. Colored stones. No two are exactly alike. Just like your […]

Spring is Here!

“It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want—oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!” -Mark Twain The snow is finally gone and the grass is turning from brown to […]

Burmese gem trade also bad for the environment

It’s well documented that gemstones from Burma are fueling violent conflict in Kachin state and funding a variety of questionable entities. In addition to these reports from Kachin, hundreds of residents in Mogok, the main ruby producing area in Burma, are protesting plans by the Mogok Gems Traders Association to build a new headquarters and possibly a gemstone […]

Think Green

The world may be all snowy white but, believe it or not, Spring is just around the corner. Really. With that in mind, a little dose of green can help brighten up your winter blahs. This particular green is a stunning 1.61ct oval tsavorite from southeast Kenya. Tsavorite, a rare member of the garnet family, […]

Brighten Up Your January

This month’s birthstone, garnet, comes in a range of colors but the burnt reddish-brown is probably the one most familiar hue. This particular example came from a project in Mozambique, and we also have a wide range of rare collector garnets that are from the Czech Republic. (Formerly Bohemia.) The setting, shown here in 18k yellow […]

The Voice of a Small-Scale Miner

We’ve long worked with small-scale gem mining projects that help support Malawi. In fact, if you asked me to name the poster child for best practices in this sector, I’d point to my friend’s years of tireless leadership effort in this African nation’s gem mining sector. The miners who are the first rung of the global supply […]

December’s Birthstone- Blue Zircon

We love blue zircon. It’s pretty. It sparkles more than diamond. And it’s very affordable for a natural gemstone. While we will gladly set this month’s birthstone in any of our Earthwise Jewelry settings, we feel that our Ursula ring, offset with Canadian diamonds, is a great setting for this steely blue fair trade gem. Available in […]

From Our Workbench – Tsavorite Ma Su Su

Spring is finally here! Or is this summer? Here in Chicago we seem to go right from snowdrifts to heat waves in about 36 hours. But in celebration of nature (finally) turning green we have this stunning tsavorite set in our Ma Su Su setting. We love tsavorite here at Leber Jeweler. More socially responsible […]

Going Green!

We really enjoy when clients send us photos of their new Earthwise Jewelry rings! This one is of a custom vintage inspired aquamarine ring we designed for Sam & Angela. It seems Sam proposed on their trip to Florida and Angela said “Yes!” They emailed us this shot of the engagement ring when they were […]

Garnet Earrings…Perfect for January

Any woman can wear garnet earrings. She doesn’t need to be born in the month of January, even though garnet is often considered the birthstone for this month. For someone looking for a great way to mark a special birthday (or for anyone who just likes the color) we’ve made up this great pair of […]