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‘Human Rights Watch’ Event at Leber Jeweler

We have a long history of working cooperatively with Human Rights Watch on a number of issues. At Leber Jeweler Inc we have been working on issues related to Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe’s control of the diamond trade in that country since the 1990’s. On multiple occasions, I have briefed HRW on the latest news […]

Is Your Christmas Diamond Dirty? (NPR’s Tell Me More Program)

This I was invited to be a guest on National Public Radio’s show “Tell Me More” with host Jacki Lyden. The segment, entitled “Is Your Christmas Diamond Dirty” also featured Carroll Bogert, associate director of Human Rights Watch. Glad we could put issues related to conflict diamonds out there.

Conflict Diamonds II, Zimbabwe and the Kimberly Process

The Kimberley Process, the international certification system to end the trade of conflict diamonds, has failed. On November 6, 2009, the international governing body that administers the Kimberley Process decided against suspending Zimbabwe, despite overwhelming evidence of bloodshed, violence, and corruption tied to diamonds from Zimbabwe. The Chiadzwa diamond fields in Marange, Zimbabwe may well […]

Leber Jeweler Denounces Kimberley Process Decision on Zimbabwe

We have released a press release on the issue of the Kimberley Process, Zimbabwe, and their role in the blood diamond trade. Leber Jeweler Inc., the first retail jeweler in the United States wholly dedicated to socially responsible jewelry, has expressed outrage over the decision by the Kimberley Process governing body to allow Zimbabwe to […]

Conflict Diamonds: Holding Hope for Africa

The issues surrounding conflict diamonds (illicitly traded gemstones used to fund violence and civil war) have changed rapidly since the late 1980’s and early 1990’s when the topic first began to receive public attention. During this time period, when a major diamond cartel was implicated in buying diamonds from groups banned by the United Nations, […]

My First Time on Chicago Public Radio’s Worldview

I’ve been interviewed on Chicago Public Radio’s Worldview program in a segment called “Ethical Jewelry.” I enjoyed doing this interview immensely. The host of the show, Jerome McDonnell, is incredibly well informed on a variety of subjects. Considering some of the people he’s interviewed over the years, I’m honored he asked to talk to me.

Putting on My Guest Lecturer Hat for DePaul U

I must have done reasonably well last time since I was asked back to DePaul University to guest lecture again. This time I gave a talk entitled, “Diamonds & Conflict: A Search for an Ethical Global Solution.” I tried to tackle the complexity of the issue and highlight the fact that a sound international trade […]

Exploring Ethics and Diamonds with College Students, and on Capitol Hill

I was a guest lecturer at DePaul University this morning. I gave a talk entitled “Ethics and the International Diamond Trade.” It seemed to go well. The more questions I get asked the more I feel I got some people to think about these issues. Ethics is at the core of everything we do and […]