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Why Earthwise Jewelry Believes in American Made

As a company with a ninety-two year history of crafting our jewelry here in the United States, we’ve long held the belief that made in America works. This is true for our country as a whole as well as for the communities in which we all live. At Leber Jeweler Inc, all our Earthwise Jewelry is […]

The More Things Change…

They grabbed what they could get for the sake of what was to be got. It was just robbery with violence, aggravated murder on a great scale, and men going at it blind – as is very proper for those who tackle a darkness. The conquest of the earth, which mostly means the taking it away from […]

Wolves and Gemstones and Other Rare Things

On Friday, the US Fish and Wildlife Service announced a plan to remove endangered species protection for all Gray Wolves in the lower 48 states, with a small exception for a population of seventy-five Mexican wolves in Arizona and New Mexico. After eighteen years, federal authorities will now shift all responsibility for wolf conservation on […]

Celebrate Earth Day with Aldo Leopold

First off, Happy Earth Day. While every day should be “earth day” since caring about our planet one day a year isn’t enough, it’s great that each year we mark out calendars to remind ourselves of the progress made with environmental issues and of the long road ahead. The first Earth Day, which was started in […]

Is Your Jewelry Killing People?

We’ve been working on this issue for several years now. Simply put, underpaid workers die every day from cutting the low-priced gemstones used in the jewelry you see in department stores, big-box retailers and on TV home shopping channels across the country. These gems and beads, which include common varieties like amethyst, citrine, and chalcedony, are […]

Washington DC, Advocacy, and Sequestration

Lately, I’ve had a flurry of meetings in Washington, so lots of back-and-forth travel between Chicago and DC. The topics have covered the full spectrum, from human rights to worker rights, from the environment to economic issues happening here in America. For this post, I had this beautiful shot of the Capitol dome gleaming in the […]

Take Action to Stop the Pebble Mine!

We’ve long talked about the potentially devastating consequences the proposed Pebble Mine near Pebble Bay, Alaska poses if it is allowed to proceed. We were among the first to speak out on the grave impact this mine will inflict on this fragile natural area and have used our voice to express the fears and concerns of […]

The Answer is Simple: Use Less

There have been a flurry of bad ideas related to the environment in the news this week. First up, two companies are in a race to be the first to successfully mine asteroids in the quest for precious minerals, including platinum. With mineral prospecting extending to all corners of the globe including the deep oceans, I suppose […]

Benefit Concert for Earthworks

For those of our clients in the Washington DC area, there will be a benefit concert to help support the environmental organization Earthworks, this Thursday, November 15, at the Red Palace in the Atlas District of H St. NE featuring the U-Liners. It’s a great cause and if you attend you’ll have a chance to win […]

Vote For The Environment on November 6

Tuesday is election day and it’s important to make an informed choice when you enter the ballot box. The League of Conservation Voters offers a handy scorecard to see how your congressional delegates fare in regards to protecting the planet we share. It’s worth reading. To paraphrase Doctor Seuss, “I vote for the trees for […]