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Vote For The Environment

Tuesday is election day and it’s important to make an informed choice when you enter the ballot booth. The League of Conservation Voters offers a handy scorecard to see how your congressional delegates fare in regards to protecting the planet we share. It’s worth reading. To paraphrase Doctor Seuss, “I vote for the trees for […]

CBS Chicago’s Best Jewelry Designers List

We are honored to make the list of the best jewelry designers in Chicago, as selected by CBS Chicago. At Leber Jeweler, we strive to combine good design with ethical materials with our Earthwise Jewelry® Collection and thank the writer for acknowledging our work in these areas.

Marine Mining: The Strip Mining of the 21st Century

We saw this coming. In 2009, when I spoke on Capitol Hill, I raised the issue of the potential consequences tied to the rapidly developing sector of marine mining. Raking the largely unexplored depths of the deep ocean to extract minerals, including gold, carries with it countless environmental risks. When our knowledge of hydrothermal vents, […]

Say “No” To Pebble Mine – Get Involved!

In the federal government’s first significant scientific assessment of the proposed Pebble mine site near Bristol Bay, Alaska, the Environmental Protection Agency warns that plans for the massive open pit gold, copper, and molybdenum mine could have devastating consequences for the environment, as well as the animals and people who live there. According to the […]

Michigan Avenue Magazine: Q&A with Brian Leber

We’ve been featured by Michigan Avenue Magazine in an interview with company president Brian Leber, covering topics including social responsibility as well as the nature of Chicago design. You can read the interview here.

Not Suitable for Miners

In the past, we’ve talked about how mining isn’t just an issue that happens “somewhere else.” Here in the Upper Midwest there is a long history of tapping natural resources in Wisconsin and Michigan, often to the detriment of the environment. While the effects of mining that began a century ago can still be seen, […]

Polar Bears in Peril

Here at Leber Jeweler, we like polar bears. Not because they were the de facto poster animal for the first Canadian diamonds, but because they are beautiful creatures surviving in some of the most remote corners of the northern hemisphere. As many of our clients have an activist streak much like ourselves, we wanted to […]

Monday, February 27th at 6pm – Panel Discussion on Burma

I’ve been invited to speak as part of a panel discussion on Monday, February 27, 2012, hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. The program is entitled “BLOOD RUBIES: A LENS INTO BURMA” and will focus on recent events in Burma and the role they play with Burma’s lucrative gemstone trade. This public program is […]

Gold Mining in the Great Lakes Watershed?

Three companies have asked government for permission to prospect in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, a natural area that covers more than 1.5 million acres of Wisconsin’s Northwoods. According to the companies involved,much of the information related to their intentions is considered proprietary, so details are not being released. Based on what one mining CEO is saying, it’s […]

Salmon vs. Gold: The Environment Under Attack

Next week, voters in southwest Alaska’s Lake and Peninsula Borough will decide whether to ban large-scale resource extraction activity, including mining, that would destroy or degrade salmon habitat. The measure puts the massive gold and copper mining project, Pebble Mine, squarely in the crosshairs. The proposed mine, a joint venture of Canada-based Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. and […]