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Aung San Suu Kyi on Foreign Investment in Burma

“I do not support foreign investments in Burma now,” Aung San Suu Kyi told the president of the Oslocenter, Kjell Magne Bondevik on Thursday. As part of their push to resume business ties with the regime holding power in Burma, a number of gem dealers, along with some news outlets, have been falsely claiming the […]

Zimbabwe, Diamonds, and the Apologists

A segment of the diamond industry has again placed profit in front of human rights. Showing a sad lack of responsible leadership, the international diamond trade organization World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) today announced that members of the Kimberley Process (this includes the United States) must “resolve their internal disagreements” and “without any further […]

The Risks of “Unknown Origin” Diamonds

The smuggling of diamonds from countries like Zimbabwe and Angola into the international market accounts for 15-20 per cent of rough stones in circulation, according to some reports. While this estimated percentage may be a bit high (tracking smuggling is an inexact science), it highlights a very serious concern. Smuggled unknown origin diamonds,which the Kimberley Process does not recognize as “conflict […]

Burmese Ruby: Still banned in the US

Despite an increasing number of Burmese rubies showing up for sale in the United States in recent months, the US sanctions that ban the import of this precious gemstone are still firmly in place. According to the US Department of State, the United States government remains firmly committed to upholding these sanctions until the country’s […]

Guerillas & Gold Miners in Colombia

In September 2010, government troops in Colombia uncovered a trove of information on FARC, a group labeled a foreign terrorist organization by the US Department of State. It has been well-documented that FARC controls the majority of cocaine manufacturing and distribution within Colombia and is responsible for much of the world’s cocaine supply, in addition to […]

Ethical is more than just the product

How would you feel if, after you left a retail store, the sales clerk followed you as you went from store to store and then tailed you as you headed home? That would be creepy at the very least and potentially dangerous at worst. But thanks to some less-than-ethical marketers, when you shop online at […]

Exploring Ethics and Diamonds with College Students, and on Capitol Hill

I was a guest lecturer at DePaul University this morning. I gave a talk entitled “Ethics and the International Diamond Trade.” It seemed to go well. The more questions I get asked the more I feel I got some people to think about these issues. Ethics is at the core of everything we do and […]