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Global Activism Expo 2012 Saturday, April 28, 2012

Derived from WBEZ’s Global Activism Series hosted by Worldview’s Jerome McDonnell, the Global Activism Expo gathers hundreds of Chicago-area global activist organizations, each providing ways you can immediately get involved and join their efforts. Representing work taking place in over 100 countries, the services these organizations provide range from buying cows for Kenyan families to helping victims of human trafficking in […]

Why We Believe “Made In The USA” Still Matters

It’s no secret that many companies have shifted the production of the products they sell (including jewelry) offshore to countries like China to exploit the cheap available labor and lax environmental laws for greater corporate profits. That’s not news. What’s disturbing is, while some companies rabidly defend their Made in China label as a “mark […]

Save the date for Global Activism Expo 2011

Hosted by Worldview’s Jerome McDonnell, WBEZ once again presents this remarkable celebration this Saturday, April 30 2011, from 12pm to 6pm at The UIC Forum, 725 W Roosevelt Road in Chicago -complete with food, music and over 100 Chicago-area Global Activists, all featured guests of Worldview’s Global Activism Series. On the air for over seven years now, the […]

Guerillas & Gold Miners in Colombia

In September 2010, government troops in Colombia uncovered a trove of information on FARC, a group labeled a foreign terrorist organization by the US Department of State. It has been well-documented that FARC controls the majority of cocaine manufacturing and distribution within Colombia and is responsible for much of the world’s cocaine supply, in addition to […]

Defining Ethical in the Modern Marketplace

I was a featured speaker at the Madison Dialogue Summit in Washington DC today. My talk entitled, “What is Ethical? The Jewelry Trade Dilemma” addressed the need to stay focused on the fact that ethics and social responsibility aren’t just tag words or slogans, they are a way of life that needs to be at […]

Modern Jeweler Singles Out Brian Leber as a Jeweler Who “Makes a Difference”

I’m featured in this month’s Modern Jeweler in a long piece entitled, “Making a Difference.” The article is a profile of key industry leaders working to reform the jewelry trade. I am both honored and humbled.

Discussing Fair Trade Around the World (and Around the Corner)

I just finished up being a participant in a panel discussion called “Fair Trade: Is it Just an International Issue?” hosted by Foresight Design.  There was a very interesting exchange (debate?) between two of the other participants on the panel. (One was a representative from a fair trade retailer that sells home décor made by […]