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Putting on My Guest Lecturer Hat for DePaul U

I must have done reasonably well last time since I was asked back to DePaul University to guest lecture again. This time I gave a talk entitled, “Diamonds & Conflict: A Search for an Ethical Global Solution.” I tried to tackle the complexity of the issue and highlight the fact that a sound international trade […]

Leber Jeweler Inc Featured in Real Money Magazine

There’s a short bit about us in the latest issue of Real Money. In an article called “Digging for Ethical Gems.” They give some attention to the neglected area of issues surrounding colored gemstones. Considering the amount of child labor and other human rights abuses involved with colored gems, I’m glad to see some press […]

Conscious ChoiceMagazine Profiles Leber Jeweler Inc as the First Socially Responsible Jeweler

There’s an article about us in Conscious Choice magazine called “Diamonds: No One’s Best Friend?” It talks about our advocacy and efforts as the first jeweler to offer socially responsible jewelry. We have a lot of firsts under our belt. We were the first to speak out on the conflict diamond issue. We were the […]