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Alternative Metal Wedding Bands: Eco-Friendly Like A Hummer

We’ll ignore that these rings can never be sized or cut off your hand in the event of an accident. We’ll skip by the fact some contain materials like chromium and cobalt known to be carcinogenic. Let’s focus on the fact rings made from “alternative metals” like titanium, tungsten carbide, and steel are about as un-socially responsible as you can be.

ABC News Segment Live Green Features Leber Jeweler’s Environmental Activism

ABC News has a feature called “Live Green” that features businesses working on environmental issues. They called just a few hours before I was scheduled to leave for Washington DC, but we were able to fit in the interview.

Farm Sanctuary’s Gala for the Animals

Once again, it’s time for the Farm Sanctuary Gala for the Animals. This time the event is in New York City. (Farm Sanctuary has a shelter in both upstate New York and in California.) This year, we’ve donated a custom designed duckling necklace. We know animals aren’t a “jewelry-related” issue per se, but we feel […]

A Look at ‘Greenwashing’: the Latest (and Hottest) Deceptive Marketing Trend

Last evening I was on a panel discussion here in Chicago entitled, “Greenwashing” hosted by Foresight Design. We covered a lot of territory, from jewelry to home construction. It seems no matter what industry you are in, there will always be those who want to market to consumers’ genuine desire to buy responsibly without […]

Defining Ethical in the Modern Marketplace

I was a featured speaker at the Madison Dialogue Summit in Washington DC today. My talk entitled, “What is Ethical? The Jewelry Trade Dilemma” addressed the need to stay focused on the fact that ethics and social responsibility aren’t just tag words or slogans, they are a way of life that needs to be at […]

Brian Interviewed for New York Times Piece on Ethical Jewelry

I’m quoted in the New York Times’ piece “With This Ethical Ring I Thee Wed” which covers issues surrounding gold. “I try not to pontificate. But I do try to educate people on the issues.” The print edition even has my photograph!

Modern Jeweler Singles Out Brian Leber as a Jeweler Who “Makes a Difference”

I’m featured in this month’s Modern Jeweler in a long piece entitled, “Making a Difference.” The article is a profile of key industry leaders working to reform the jewelry trade. I am both honored and humbled.

Discussing Fair Trade Around the World (and Around the Corner)

I just finished up being a participant in a panel discussion called “Fair Trade: Is it Just an International Issue?” hosted by Foresight Design.  There was a very interesting exchange (debate?) between two of the other participants on the panel. (One was a representative from a fair trade retailer that sells home décor made by […]