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India’s Government Puts Profit Before Human Rights

This week, India’s Commerce Ministry approved the importation of $153 million USD worth of rough diamonds from Zimbabwe’s Marange fields. In a move India’s diamond trade is trumpeting as being good for business, they have in turn given tacit approval to one of the most brutal regime’s in Africa. This move opens the floodgates on what […]

Zimbabwe: A Monumental Museum of Failure

PBS’s Frontline has completed a remarkable documentary, Zimbabwe: Shadows and Lies, that takes a look inside this desperately troubled country. For those following the unending drama over diamonds, Zimbabwe, and the Kimberley Process, this is a must-see. On this night, FRONTLINE/World reporter Alexis Bloom takes the journey with them. Talking to people on the train, Bloom senses that […]

Kimberley Process Falters with Zimbabwe

Despite protests from both the US and the EU, the current chair of the Kimberley Process, DR Congo’s Mathieu Yamba, has authorized the export of diamonds from Zimbabwe. While the KP rules require a consensus and none was achieved, this action by the KP Chair will allow the Mugabe regime to begin earning revenue in […]

Updates from the Kinshasa KP meeting

There is turmoil in one of the most important meetings on the Kimberley Process, as countries like Zimbabwe, China and India continue to press the case that human rights is a non-issue to the diamond industry as a whole, basing their argument on the fundamental (albeit skewed) belief that greed outweighs conscience. As the meeting […]

Zimbabwe, Diamonds, and the Apologists

A segment of the diamond industry has again placed profit in front of human rights. Showing a sad lack of responsible leadership, the international diamond trade organization World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) today announced that members of the Kimberley Process (this includes the United States) must “resolve their internal disagreements” and “without any further […]

The Risks of “Unknown Origin” Diamonds

The smuggling of diamonds from countries like Zimbabwe and Angola into the international market accounts for 15-20 per cent of rough stones in circulation, according to some reports. While this estimated percentage may be a bit high (tracking smuggling is an inexact science), it highlights a very serious concern. Smuggled unknown origin diamonds,which the Kimberley Process does not recognize as “conflict […]

Zimbabwe Diamonds: Human Rights Efforts Blocked

The US government has been at the forefront in trying to keep human rights issues tied to the diamond trade on the Kimberley Process agenda. Yet despite these ongoing efforts, Zimbabwe, along with South Africa and Namibia, blocked efforts that would have allowed the US from becoming vice-chair of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme which […]

Kimberley Process rewards Zimbabwe’s bad behavior

This week, Zimbabwe’s Attorney-General Johannes Tomana formed a five-member panel of “legal experts” (all with connections to Robert Mugabe and senior Zanu PF officials, including Mines Minister Obert Mpofu) to explore treason charges against opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, the man who ostensibly is part of a power sharing agreement with the country’s dictator Robert Mugabe. Treason […]

Impasse with the Kimberley Process

The Kimberley Process Plenary in Jerusalem ended last night, and the meeting adjourned without resolution of the outstanding issues associated with diamond exports from Marange. So the good news is, Zimbabwe has not been allowed to export diamonds. One of the biggest disagreements is over a provision to incorporate human rights language, which the KP […]

The Kimberley Process and How Not To Stop Blood Diamonds

In a meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia the Kimberley Process governing body has decided to ignore the human rights abuses in Zimbabwe and to allow the export of diamonds from this troubled country. Looks like they’ve made a deal with the devil.