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When “conflict” isn’t conflict?

The Kimberley Process Intersessional is being held this week and it appears unlikely the KP will reform the definition of “conflict diamonds” this year.  As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, the definition of a “conflict diamond” under the KP’s working language is so limited that it fails to take into account any violence or bloodshed that […]

These Election Results Brought to You by the Letter “D”

With the “D” being diamonds, it really comes as no surprise that Robert Mugabe has won Zimbabwe’s election by a “landslide” as dictatorships are apt to do. Based on the results of an election with “record turnouts” which included an estimated two million dead people who were registered to vote, this means that his political […]

Kimberley Process Lowers the Bar…Again

Despite the objections from a number of civil society groups, the Kimberley Process has decided to withdraw monitors and allow unhindered exports of diamonds from Zimbabwe’s troubled Marange region. One of the main concerns remaining is that revenue from Zimbabwe’s diamonds is being used to directly fund Robert Mugabe, his allies, and the political party […]

Conflict Diamonds & India

This week, Customs officials in India issued an alert that conflict diamonds are finding their way into India for processing which are then exported to the US and EU. According to the Times of India, investigations revealed that the diamonds were of Zimbabwean origin and were smuggled into India via Kenya. According to the Indian […]

Conflict Diamonds: By Any Other Name

It made a lot of sense when the newly elected Kimberley Process Chair from the US, Ambassador Gillian A Milovanovic, put forward a proposal to broaden the definition of conflict diamonds to include diamond-related violence in rough diamond producing and trading areas. This is a fundamental change we’ve been trumpeting for years. At present, the […]

India Cautioned By United States Over Sanctioned Diamonds

“I consider Zimbabwe diamonds as products under sanction,” said Gillian Milovanovic, the US Chair of the Kimberley Process, during a visit to the Surat region in India, where 92% of the world’s diamonds are cut and polished. India recently signed a deal with Zimbabwe to import that country’s rough diamonds for processing. Many of these […]

In Zimbabwe, Diamonds Mean More Profit For Mugabe

Emboldened by the support of the Kimberley Process, Robert Mugabe’s forces have strengthened their grip on the diamond fields at Marange. As ZANU-PF continues to use force to control the diamond fields, a key source of revenue that will be used to help fund their continued grip over the troubled country, the number of independent […]

US Sanctions Against Zimbabwe Diamonds

We have stated this time and time again. Importing Zimbabwean diamonds into the US is against the law. Since 2008, the United States has had targeted sanctions in place against many of the key actors profiting from Zimbabwe’s diamonds, including the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation. Conducting financial transactions with these individuals and entities, either directly […]

Zimbabwe’s Conflict Diamonds: Just in Time for Christmas

The diamond industry embarrasses itself…again. Zimbabwe has been given permission to begin exporting diamonds from Marange with full approval from the Kimberley Process, despite documentation of widespread human rights abuses in the diamond fields and strong opposition from NGOs. While the World Diamond Council calls this a “historic success” and the World Federation of Diamond Bourses lauds the […]

India’s Government Puts Profit Before Human Rights

This week, India’s Commerce Ministry approved the importation of $153 million USD worth of rough diamonds from Zimbabwe’s Marange fields. In a move India’s diamond trade is trumpeting as being good for business, they have in turn given tacit approval to one of the most brutal regime’s in Africa. This move opens the floodgates on what […]