Leber Jeweler Inc understands that quality design and fine craftsmanship are necessary components of any keepsake. A key element of good design is ethically sourced materials. We have been industry innovators in the use of socially-conscious and environmentally sound materials for fine jewelry, continuing a family tradition started in 1921 of artisanal crafted fine jewelry made in USA.

  • Our exclusive Earthwise Jewelry® Collection consists of solid heavy weight bands, ring mountings, and pendants crafted in the finest quality precious metals from 100% reclaimed sources.
  • Our jewelry is crafted in our Chicago workshop by artisanal craftspeople using traditional jewelry making techniques.
  • Our 18 karat white gold rings and pendants are alloyed with palladium, a precious metal in the platinum family, rather than using the typical low-grade nickel alloys. It is estimated that 25% of people are allergic to nickel or will develop this allergy from wearing jewelry with nickel content at some point in their life.
  • Our platinum jewelry meets the highest industry standards, using at least 95% platinum alloyed with the precious metal ruthenium.
  • We use conflict-free Canadian diamonds and fairly traded color gemstones of the finest quality in our designs.
  • We do not hollow out or compromise the weight or any element of our jewelry designs, as is common in mass produced and poorly made jewelry. We believe fine craftsmanship is tradition worth preserving.
  • As part of our company’s sustainable business practices, we work in partnership with a US-based micro-refiner to process all our recycled precious metal to the same purity as newly mined and refined material.

Each jewelry design is the result of our collaborative experience as designers and craftspeople. Whether you choose a piece from our permanent collection or wish to have a piece commissioned to meet your specific criteria, the husband-and-wife design team of Joanne and Brian Leber will guide you step-by-step through the process, selecting the finest quality gemstones, and making certain you will have a piece you will love for years. With Earthwise Jewelry®, you will have an original design crafted to the highest standards using the most ethically sourced materials on the planet.