Diamond Line Bracelets

Leber Jeweler diamond tennis bracelets

From classic to modern, we offer a wide range of classic tennis bracelets in a variety of styles. In white gold, yellow gold or platinum, set with all diamond or even colored stones, we can create a design as unique as you. Contact us for details or to set up an appointment and we’ll be […]

Japanese Akoya Pearl Strands

Leber Jeweler Mikimoto pearl strands

From our vintage collection, a suite of genuine Mikimoto® pearl strands. The benchmark of high quality Japanese Akoya pearl necklaces. Each pearl strand is in mint condition and complete with the signature 18k yellow gold Mikimoto® clasp. 16″ 7.5-8.0mm A+ Quality pearl strand. Regular price $6,770. Sale price $2,700 20″ 6.0-6.5mm A+ Quality pearl strand. Regular price $3,850. Sale price […]

Hand Inlaid Opal Necklace

Leber Jeweler opal inlay necklace

One word describes the workmanship of this exquisite 18k yellow gold collar with inlaid black opal. Wow. Only two of these exist in the entire world. Very few craftspeople have the time, the patience, and the skill, to hand-cut individual opal pieces to fit like an intricate puzzle, then assemble them seamlessly to create a […]

Art Deco Ruby Ring

Leber Jeweler art deco ruby and diamond ring

Style moderne, the period from the 1920s to the 1930s when contemporary lines, geometric shapes, and streamline forms dominated the design landscape. In France, this movement reached its zenith at the great Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, held in Paris in the summer of 1925. This stunning Art Deco inspired ring from the […]

Vintage Rings: Always in Fashion

Vintage Leber Jeweler blue sapphire and diamond three stone ring.

Some designs are classics from the very start. Take the three-stone ring. It’s a piece that will never go out of style. This stunning 2.70ct blue sapphire and diamond three-stone ring is a fine example of this. Thus hand-crafted ring is one of the many exemplary pieces from our extensive vintage collection. This particular ring […]

Remount, Restyle, Recycle

Do you have an item of jewelry you no longer wear? Did your mother or grandmother pass down her vintage engagement ring and, while you love the sentiment of wearing their diamond for another generation, the style isn’t exactly yours? No problem! We’re here to help. Whether it’s reworking an existing piece or taking a […]

“All the forests and jewels are gone, all good things will be smuggled.”

When we first saw the pictures from Burma, we realized these young people were about the same age as the ones who would have attended the school we were asked to help get built over a decade ago. They even offered to name the school after us, but that would be tasteless. A dose of […]

Lab Created Diamonds

Yes, we sell lab grown diamonds. Each one comes with something you don’t get anywhere else. The truth. Lab created diamonds, also called man-made diamonds, lab grown diamonds or synthetic diamonds, are becoming increasingly popular. From a technical perspective, they share the same chemical and physical properties as a natural, mined diamond. After all, a […]

Botswana, Conflict, Diamonds, and Elephants

What do diamonds and the vulnerable African elephant have in common? A lot more than you realize. Botswana produces a lot of the diamonds sold on the marketplace. Virtually all the diamond output from this country is a joint partnership between the government of Botswana and a certain major diamond cartel you may remember, who […]

8.25 carat Tanzanite

Collector's quality fine tanzanite from Leber Jeweler

One of the finest tanzanites we’ve seen. A stunning 8.25 carat square cushion cut tanzanite perfect for a custom designed Earthwise Jewelry® ring or necklace. Truly a collector quality fine gemstone. This gemstone is available for purchase at $10,800. Please contact us for details. We offer a wide selection of rare and unusual fine quality […]