Lab Created Diamonds

Man made diamonds, synthetic diamonds, lab grown diamonds, they are one and the same…

At Leber Jeweler, we offer a wide selection of lab-grown diamonds, in a variety of shapes and sizes. Identical to a natural diamond in that they have the same chemical, physical and optical properties. But instead of coming from the earth, they are born in a laboratory.


Schedule a Visit

Contact us for an in-store diamond engagement ring consultation. We’d be happy to guide you in selecting a conflict-free Canadian diamond, lab-grown diamond, or fair trade colored gemstone engagement ring. Experience the rings in our Earthwise Jewelry® Collection in person and get professional advice regarding the entire engagement ring buying process. We’d be happy to sit down with you in our Chicago showroom and talk.

Telephone or Email

Not in town? No problem! We can assist you through email and/or phone. Learn more about a design in the Earthwise Jewelry® Collection, ask questions about creating a custom design, or purchase a complete lab created diamond engagement ring crafted especially for you in our Chicago workshop. Feel free to contact us via telephone or email for additional information.

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