Montana Sapphire

montana-sapphires-blue-green-dark-4_0At Leber Jeweler, we love ethically procured gemstones. Especially those that are truly unique. One of the finest sources we use for our sapphires that grace rings in our Earthwise Jewelry Collection comes from Rock Creek, Montana. Stunning minty blue-green Montana sapphires unlike any you’ll find from any corner of the globe.

Our partner with these stones is at the forefront in setting the standard for fair trade and responsibly sourced. From the mining to the cutting, every step of the process strives to be an example for how all gemstones should be sourced.

Did I mention, they’re also beautiful to look at?

We offer our Montana sapphire in a variety of shapes and sizes to work with any of our designs, both in our regular collection as well as with our custom design.