Leber Jeweler is proud to be the first fine jewelry store wholly dedicated to socially-conscious and eco-friendly fine jewelry. As one of the leading jewelry stores in Chicago, we design and handcraft rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces of the highest quality in our River North workshop using materials that are sourced responsibly.

A third-generation family-owned business since 1921, Joanne and Brian Leber maintain the highest ethical and professional standards. With a commitment to technical knowledge and dedication to social issues, we believe in honesty, integrity, and a conviction that the greater goal of business is to place people before profit.

Our Earthwise Jewelry®, launched in 1999, is a landmark collection: fine jewelry that is made ethically with conflict-free Canadian diamonds, fairly traded gemstones, and recycled precious metals. With each piece we design and create, we blend technical expertise and design skills with our principles.

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We believe that ethics extend well beyond the products that we create and sell. We are a socially responsible business that is deeply committed to preserving the environment and supporting human rights. We stand firmly against conflict diamonds and gold, unfair labor practices, and environmentally damaging mining. As designers and craftspeople, we believe the human element is essential to exceptional design.


Our mission is to address the wide range of issues that confront the gem and jewelry industry. We believe it is the responsibility of all individuals and companies to be custodians for our planet and its inhabitants. For nearly two decades, Leber Jeweler has been a leader on a myraid of issues, working directly with the US government, civil society groups, and within the jewelry industry to advance these concerns.


For three generations, the Leber family of jewelers has enthuasiastically supported a wide variety of causes with an emphasis on education, the environment, and humanity.


As a third-generation business with nearly a century of retail experience, we have an established lineage of quality in design, craftsmanship, and customer service.

About the Designers

True artisans, Joanne and Brian Leber believe in the nobility of craft and the responsibility of ethical business. They are committed to fabricating each piece of Earthwise Jewelry® using the finest materials that are sourced responsibly.