Featured Project: Bristol Bay, Alaska

At the headwaters of one of the richest salmon grounds on earth that is also a habitat for the endangered beluga whale, mining giant Anglo American has partnered with Canadian-based Northern Dynasty Minerals to develop the world’s largest open pit gold mine. Called the Pebble Mine, this project in Bristol Bay poses a grave threat to the environment and to the Alaskan people.

The proposed Pebble Mine is an example of how things should not be done. In 2008, Leber Jeweler Inc was the first independent jewelry company to speak out publicly against such a potentially devastating project. Opposition to the mine is strong and includes a variety of local community groups, Native Alaskan communities, the commercial fishing industry, sport fishing and outfitting companies, elected officials, and a wide range of environmental groups.

Leber Jeweler is committed to setting a course that will protect environmental treasures like Bristol Bay for generations to come. We are actively engaged with lawmakers and community organizations in an effort to assist the countless individuals, grass-roots organizations, and tribal groups facing down a mining conglomerate’s threat to their way of life.

For more about the environmental impacts of the proposed Pebble Mine, visit:

Bristol Bay Alliance

Natural Resources Defense Council

Save Alaska’s Wildlife Eden campaign

Renewable Resources Coalition

Alaska Public Radio interview

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