Remount, Restyle, Recycle

Do you have an item of jewelry you no longer wear? Did your mother or grandmother pass down her vintage engagement ring and, while you love the sentiment of wearing their diamond for another generation, the style isn’t exactly yours? No problem! We’re here to help. Whether it’s reworking an existing piece or taking a family heirloom gemstone and resetting it into one of our Earthwise Jewelry® designs, the options for restyling and remounting jewelry are endless.

As a multi-generation jeweler, we are often asked to help restyle pieces that no longer fit the wearer’s wants and desires. Most every piece in the Earthwise Jewelry® collection can be adapted to work with a variety of center stones, whether diamond or colored gemstone, in a range of shapes and sizes. In addition, Joanne and Brian will be pleased to personally design a custom ring just for you. In most cases, this doesn’t cost any more than purchasing a ready made design.

Regardless of whether you opt for a piece from our classic collection or a one-of-a-kind custom design, every ring is handcrafted especially for each client in our Chicago workshop, one at a time. No mass production or assembly lines. And no outsourcing to an overseas sweatshop. Locally made. Not many jewelers can make that claim.

Whether it’s for your perfect engagement ring, a special anniversary, or you just want a new look for an old ring, we’d be happy to set up an appointment so we can sit down and talk to go over design options with you. There’s no better way to make recycled jewelry than using diamonds or colored gems that already have sentimental meaning to you.