People seek appraisals for a variety of reasons. They might need to know the value of a watch for an estate valuation. Perhaps they want to insure an engagement ring. Or they may be curious about a family heirloom that has been passed on to them. Appraisals are required by most insurance companies, so if you want to protect your fine jewelry from theft or loss, start by getting a thorough, accurate appraisal.

The ABCs Of Appraising Stones

When appraising an item, Leber Jeweler Inc considers a number of factors that will affect the estimated replacement value. For example, size, color, clarity, and cut are key benchmarks in appraising diamonds. We also take into consideration the shape of the stones and their availability in the marketplace.

Colored gemstones follow a slightly different process. The first step is positive identification using laboratory testing techniques of the stone. The staff at Leber Jeweler Inc, an accredited gemological laboratory, takes several criteria into account when assessing colored stones, including origin (natural versus lab created), graded quality, and in some cases, the country of origin.

Craftsmanship Counts

We also consider the craftsmanship of each item we appraise. Is it hand made or machine produced? Does the workmanship reflect that of a highly gifted designer or someone with lesser skills? If the item is older, how difficult would it be to be to reproduce today? Certain filigree styles, more commonplace eighty years ago, would be more expensive to reproduce by hand today.

The Importance of Accuracy

An accurate appraisal report is crucial for jewelry replacement in the event of loss or theft. The greatest concern to anyone who has lost a precious item is the confidence that its replacement will be of comparable quality and workmanship. While many jewelers offer appraisals, they rarely contain enough detail to accurately represent an item when it is no longer present. Our reports outline multiple details to help owners replace items, as well as to assure a level of protection.

Our appraisals strive to accurately represent an item’s actual replacement cost. Some jewelers unfortunately abuse appraisals, using them primarily to instill the notion that an item is worth far greater than the purchase price. Sadly, this practice not only misrepresents an item’s true value, but also leads to unnecessarily high insurance premiums. Most insurance companies will replace an item for a customer’s actual purchase price, if not less. As a rule, an appraisal that comes with a new purchase should reflect the true replacement cost—the price you paid.

Leber Jeweler Inc has been evaluating all aspects of fine jewelry and watches for 90 years. We possess the necessary technical skills and laboratory resources to appraise new and antique pieces.

Feel free to contact Leber Jeweler Inc with questions or to schedule an appraisal for your most valued fine jewelry and watches.