Many customers come to Leber Jeweler Inc with jewelry they no longer wear or gifts of jewelry that don’t suit them. We can remount these items, transforming them into rings, pendants, pins, and necklaces that reflect our customers’ styles and tastes. Remounting is a creative, exciting process that begins with sketched ideas and ends up as wearable art.

One of the most rewarding aspects of remounting old jewelry is knowing that we are giving these items a new life while preserving their sentimental value.

The majority of our remounts are designs to update and augment wedding sets. Often, a couple will come to Leber Jeweler Inc on their anniversary to create the ring they couldn’t afford when they were engaged. We may suggest reusing stones; trading in a diamond for the larger stone of your dreams; adding colored gemstones; or remounting with a different precious metal, such as platinum.

With our strong background in design, the Leber Jeweler staff can suggest a broad range of ideas and variations using a customer’s gemstones.

Leber Jeweler specializes in Custom Design using recycled precious metals and conflict-free, fairly traded gemstones.