Sharing our knowledge with our clients is a significant part of Leber Jeweler’s mission. The Earthwise Jewelry® Collection was built on the ideal of creating socially responsible jewelry that maintained the highest standards of craftsmanship. As part of this discussion, we also explain key social and environmental issues involving the jewelry trade.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

Traditional craft is a key component of our Earthwise Jewelry® Collection and our identity as a small artisanal jeweler. Rather than selling mass-produced products, designers Joanne and Brian Leber have a personal connection to every piece we individually create in our Chicago workshop.

Socially Responsible Jewelry

Fine jewelry should not only be beautiful, but produced responsibly. In 1999, we created the Earthwise Jewelry® Collection using recycled gold and platinum, Canadian conflict-free diamonds, and responsibly sourced colored gemstones.

Conflict-Free Diamonds

Canadian diamonds are the only 100% guaranteed conflict-free diamonds. Leber Jeweler Inc was the first jewelry store to offer guaranteed conflict-free diamonds from Canada in the 1990s and we remain committed to working toward the day when all diamonds can be mined, as well as cut, using fair labor practices.

Fair-Trade Colored Gemstones

The Leber family has selected the finest responsibly-sourced colored gems for three generations. We work with small, community-based mining projects and privately developed sources in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and the Americas that are exclusive to Leber Jeweler Inc. Only the most exquisite specimens are hand selected for our Earthwise Jewelry® Collection.

Recycled Gold and Platinum

Our planet’s natural resources, including precious metals, are finite. Earthwise Jewelry® is made with recycled gold and platinum from post-consumer sources. We are acutely aware of the devastating effects of hard rock mining on the environment and on the communities whose land provides these rare minerals. We actively work with governments, NGOs, and the mining industry to find lasting and sustainable solutions.