Earthwise Jewelry®. Handcrafted in Chicago.

Technical expertise, classic styling, and social consciousness are the ingredients that go into each handcrafted piece of Earthwise Jewelry®. Our fine conflict free jewelry creations are prized for their beautiful design and for the thoughtful consideration of the planet that goes into each piece.

Throughout the design and fabrication process, we are guided by a physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual connection to nature. As Earthwise Jewelry® is produced using materials sourced from the earth, we strive to allow the outward beauty and inner essence of each piece shine through.

Designed and Crafted in Chicago

We believe in American made and that some of the finest products are still produced domestically. While virtually all jewelry you see in malls and online is now manufactured overseas, often under sweatshop conditions, every piece in the Earthwise Jewelry® collectionis made in our Chicago workshop. From the original design to the casting to the finished product, it all happens here.

Making things locally is good for many reasons. It helps to create jobs that ensure a living wage and offers a greater return to the communities in which we all live. It minimizes the carbon footprint of every piece. Countless air miles are accrued when the manufacturing of finished jewelry is done halfway across the country or the world, as is common in this era of globalization. We are against this quest for low cost production at the expense of fair labor and environmental standards.

Of equal importance is the sense of place that’s a part of every item we design and build. The Midwest has a long history of manufacturing, and we are a small part of continuing this legacy. Our goal isn’t to be the biggest, but to be the best. At Leber Jeweler Inc, we have been making jewelry since 1921 and are proud to still say, it’s “made in America.”

Good Design Has a Conscience

Everything we use or consume in our daily lives originates from one of two methods: growing or mining. And all these materials ultimately come from the earth. This thought was foremost in our minds when we created the Earthwise Jewelry® Collection almost two decades ago.

Knowing the environmental and social costs associated with the materials we use, we simply could not sleep at night if we accepted the status quo. We respect all people whose land and labor provide us with the precious stones and metals we use in our jewelry creations, as well as the earth itself.

With that in mind, we started looking for more humane and responsible options for obtaining materials and found the world’s first conflict-free diamonds. But we didn’t stop there. We also developed methods to use only recycled gold and platinum instead of supporting hard rock mining, with its devastating environmental effects. And we began assisting communities throughout the globe in the development of their colored gem resources, so that communities could prosper and earn their just reward from their own natural resources.

None of this was easy. But as designers and responsible global citizens, we felt it was our duty. As the first jewelry company to tackle such a wide range of issues, we had to create our own solutions to many of the problems we discovered.

In choosing to use any finite material, the scales must be tipped so that the benefits outweigh the cost. Whether the finished object is jewelry, a table, or an article of clothing, significant thought must be done, far beyond creating a pretty shape. This makes the work of the designer more difficult than it ever has been, but it’s the least one can do if they hope to create good design.