Leber Jeweler Inc. was the first jewelry store to offer guaranteed conflict-free diamonds in the 1990s. We remain at the forefront in addressing this very important subject.

The Four C’s and More

A primer to help you on your way to finding the most exquisite diamond. From science to world affairs, our guide covers the key criteria and other aspects used to evaluate a natural diamond.

What are Conflict Diamonds?

Diamonds, like so many other natural resources in the developing world, have been used to fund violence and strife. Learn the background on what makes a “blood diamond.”

Conflict-Free Canadian Diamonds

From Canada’s Northwest Territories come diamonds with a verifiable proof of origin. Understand the history and politics associated with this natural treasure from the sub-Arctic regions.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Humankind has long had a fascination for diamond in all forms. While one alternative to natural diamonds, learn why lab-grown diamonds are not as simple as some make them appear.